How does hosted PBX capabilities integrate your communication channel?

The use of the cloud emerged when small and medium-sized businesses didn’t have access to some of the latest technological advances. Communication forms the largest part of the business mainstay today. If the SMBs in this race aren’t equipped with the latest infrastructure, they’re out of the business league. The introduction of hosted PBX systems into the corporate sector has resulted in a major shift in the way SMBs used to communicate. The capabilities of the modern business phone are capable of integrating the entire channel of business activities into a centralized platform that manages the flow in all directions.

The main advantage for any business lies in the number of leads generated, and when a business is unable to close a deal due to the inefficiency of the phone system, business can be at stake. Hosted PBX introduces a wide range of features that integrate almost all business activities in such a way that every step is secured, thus minimizing the potential loss of business opportunities. These features include:

Unlimited Extensions: Unlike traditional phone lines, Virtual PBX allows multiple extensions to be used over a single line, maximizing the likelihood of answering a business call. Having more extensions reduces the chance of missing important calls, so you can better serve your customers.

Call Lookup: Using this feature provided by hosted PBX services ensures that calls can be routed to a range of numbers for a specified duration. The priority of the numbers or the length of the call can be easily set in the system. One way of call avoidance in this feature is that the user can disconnect the call if not answered quickly.

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Simultaneous ringing: In order to solve the above problem, the concept of simultaneous ringing was developed. This feature ensures that the call has the greatest possible likelihood of being answered, thus preventing lost business contacts.

Voicemail: The missed calls can have another option. Callers can leave a voice message so they can be contacted at a later time. For call waiting, do not disturb and other features where the call is left unattended, the messages are stored as voicemail with the use of Hosted PBX.

There are various other features including free calls between extensions, geographic integration, interactive voice response, direct extension, toll-free number, etc. Small Business PBX is a cost-effective and scalable system that seems perfect for SMBs since they can have a robust communications interface without Physical facility maintained at office location. You can easily integrate your business activities with the help of functions that connect all branches in one place. Apart from that, the cloud offers a number of benefits, including mobility; VOIP-based effective means of communication and other cost benefits. So even SMEs can effectively integrate their communication channel with this system.