How does Eusing Free Registry Cleaner compare to other registry cleaners?

If you’re looking for a sleek, mean PC registry cleaner that’s also a free utility, look no further if you’ve already come across Eusing Software’s free registry cleaner. At first glance at the interface’s sparse graphics, one might think: “There’s no way this application can be effective.” And judging by its program size of under four megabytes (the current version 3.3.1 weighs only 3.11 MB), you might think it doesn’t have enough power to find Jack!

But once you’ve put this babe through its paces (which only takes a single mouse click to start the scan), you’ll find that this utility is serious business! As frugal as it may seem, it does more than comparable utilities more than twice its size, and it does it in a thorough way. We put it to the test against another leading free registry software, Piriform’s CCleaner, by running back-to-back scans, and it completed its scan in just under five minutes, catching errors that CCleaner missed Has!

There really isn’t much to say about this registry cleaner because that’s all it does: it finds and identifies obsolete, empty registry keys so you can delete them from your system’s registry. There are few other bells and whistles that come with this software; It features a full registry backup, a startup manager, and for added convenience, a button that triggers the built-in Windows Backup Utility wizard. Although it weighs barely three megabytes when soaking wet! And yet it works like a champion at finding as many registry errors as many commercial utilities.

The maker of this Little Dog utility is a freeware application maker. They live on donations to hone and improve their skills. If you’re grateful to have it and have a dollar to spare, you might want to consider donating to their cause and register it in the same act. However, there is no obligation to download and use it.

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To be completely honest about this underweight software, we’ve been using it for several months now (along with CCleaner as well as other more expensive commercial applications) and it has amazed us by its capabilities compared to anything we’ve run against it. It keeps up with the big dogs (like Registry Mechanic) in the registry cleaning arena and seems to hold more than its own low weight in face-to-face showdowns.

For example, we ran one of the leading registry repair utilities, let it find errors but didn’t fix them, just to see what Eusing might find by comparison. The Big Dog commercial utility has found over 130 bugs. Eusing recorded about 30. We let the free cleaner fix the 30 errors we found and then ran the Big Dog Cleaner again just to see what it could pick up afterward. We were amazed when it came back, only targeting about half of the mistakes it made the first time.

This seemed to indicate that the Little Dog fixes fixed many of the bugs the Big Dog found the first time around. And that’s not the only time this has happened. Well, I don’t know about you, but to me that indicates power! And that in a small package, no less.

Our final opinion on this freeware registry fixer is that if you don’t want to spend anything to buy a utility to clean your registry, this program will probably do a comparable job to any commercial cleaner on the market and it’s worth it to have it . Even if the focus is almost exclusively on cleaning up the registry is why are you even looking at it, right?