Hosted VOIP PBX – What your business needs to know

Hosted VOIP is an affordable alternative to traditional PBX phone systems. Widespread and easy to use, significantly less expensive than on-premises PBX solutions and offering greater adaptability. Hosted VOIP PBX similarly offers scalable, flexible and sophisticated voice resolution for small and large businesses.

Delivering the right features for the needs of your business is certainly crucial. A hosted VOIP solution comes with many cutting-edge features such as auto attendants, follow-me routing, voicemail, voicemail to email, forwarding, external IP phones, etc. From a feature set perspective, almost all small businesses will fulfill their desires , if they are connected by one of these ways.

Reintroducing a business phone system is a fairly current idea for virtually all businesses and business owners. VOIP solutions, established over private connections with excess lines, are reliable and provide access to features and functionality previously only available to businesses.

VOIP hosting is the path of voice conversations over the Internet between any IP-based network. Unlike a traditional phone system that requires PBX service at your workplace, hosted VOIP is a managed phone solution where every line is connected to your provider.

Characteristically full-bodied: Hosted VoIP services are a feature-rich structure that allows small businesses to enjoy features that were once only affordable for large corporations. For example, you can use your voicemail over your email, auto attendant assistance, unified communications, easy-to-use conferencing and Find Me/Follow Me, and free 24/7 support.

Small businesses masquerading as the larger end-user role are likely to push hosted business VOIP solutions. Medium and large businesses that could benefit from hosted IP telephony and VOIP services are also likely to increase sharply.

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With many businesses currently looking for an alternative to a location-based phone system, the options are many and come in all shapes and sizes. Hosted telephony, IP Centrex, managed IP PBXs and network-based voice services are possible options.

IP PBX: Systems use an IP phone server to accommodate call processing functions and switch gateway access that allows the IPBX to communicate with the public switched telephone network and other IPBXs that are part of their network. A private local telephone fabric also uses Internet Protocol (IP) to provide telephone service within a building or group of facilities in a small local area. IPBX systems are generally Area Network (LAN) systems that connect IP phones together.

IP Centrex: Centrex is a service provided by many local telephone service providers that allows the client to have features normally associated with a private branch exchange (PBX). Some of the features include a voicemail waiting signal, three or four digit dialing, intercom capabilities, unique ringing for internal or external lines, and more. The Centrex services are provided by the exchanges of the exchange in the telephone network.

Switching takes place at the provider’s headquarters and not at the customer’s company. Your service provider maintains and implements all communication devices and software required to deliver the Centrex service and then sells various services to the customer.

Hosted Telephony: Hosted Telephony (also known as IP Centrex) is a managed communications service for users who wish to use a communications system managed by another company. The words “hosted” or “managed” are replaced with “Centrex” because an IP-based specific set is usually broader than the provided Centrex offerings. Additionally, hosted or managed solutions do not exactly serve the traditional Centrex marketplace that is typically campus-based, such as. B. Universities or government institutions.

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Businesses new to Hosted VOIP PBX have largely underestimated the level of support that customers, especially small businesses, want. In order to be successful with a hosted VOIP enterprise solution as the foundation for business communications, the typical small business with no special skills needs to understand that a hosted VOIP PBX service works 24/7 for your business and allows your business to grow continuously .