Google Apps Marketplace

The Google App Marketplace is the right place if you want to download and use tools to help you better manage your professional life. It offers various useful applications to professionals who want to get productivity applications, management tools and many more useful programs. Below are some things every professional should know about the Google App Marketplace.

Navigating the store

The right side of the Google Apps Marketplace page details the top apps recently installed by other users and the bottom right side of this store lists the top new ones. These top programs are rated with stars to help users understand which one is the most useful. Also, the bottom part of the main page provides details about the most popular apps. The bottom part of the main page contains a list of apps chosen by employees. The left side of the marketplace page contains links to various tools such as administration tools, accounting and financial applications, document management programs and workflow programs.

More about the apps

Some of the leading applications offered by the Google Apps Marketplace are Open Class, Weebly and Wrike. Open Class is a free tool that is easy to use and offers a novel learning environment that goes beyond basic social learning and free content sharing. Weebly allows users to create websites in minutes using various easy-to-use tools like templates and other pre-built materials. Wrike is a free project management application for unlimited collaborators. Other applications worth checking out include Yesware and Nimble Social CRM. Maven Link and Solve 360 ​​are two other useful applications that offer business solutions. In addition to the applications mentioned above, users can choose from a list of calendar applications, planning applications, and sales and marketing applications. Professional services such as custom application development and small business implementation services are also offered.

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The Google Apps Marketplace is the leading provider of applications for business use. These applications can help businesses increase productivity in a matter of days. With over 100 applications offered on the Google Apps Marketplace, users have the choice to select an application that suits their unique needs. Unlike most other app marketplaces, Google actually offers free apps and trial apps to help users understand their own needs before making a purchase.