Fusion of Facebook and Skype – what it means for companies

Not long after the big news that Microsoft bought Skype, the trend now revolves around Skype’s integration with Facebook, which combines both social networking and video calling/conferencing on one social media platform. The merger of Skype with Facebook has garnered more positive responses from Facebook users, who now have the ability to initiate video chats and conferences with their friends and loved ones around the world, making it more convenient than ever to keep in touch . On the other hand, the news also sparked concern from Skype users, mostly small and medium-sized businesses, who fear the merger will impact Skype customers on non-Microsoft platforms. However, Microsoft confirmed in a press release that they will continue to invest in and support Skype clients on non-Microsoft platforms. So Skype users don’t have to worry.

In fact, the Facebook-Skype merger could yield even more business opportunities and promotional tools for small and medium-sized businesses. Video conferencing is beneficial for both individuals working from home and small to medium-sized businesses that use video communications as a great way to host web meetings and connect with remote teams. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is also more productive and convenient. Imagine taking part in a web conference from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else. With a laptop, smartphone or iPad and a Wi-Fi connection, you can go online and connect with your team on the fly.

The revolutionary video chat application in Facebook allows Facebook users to create an impromptu video chat in seconds. Most small to medium sized businesses have already leveraged the power of social media like Facebook to expand their reach and create an online presence. Most businesses have set up their own Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups to gain more exposure and gain more followers through online social interaction. With the new video conferencing application, this will even allow companies to interact with their followers in a more personalized way to build trust and credibility. In the same way, it becomes easier for “groups” to discuss and exchange ideas on relevant topics with the help of video conferencing. Businesses can also use video conferencing on Facebook when launching a campaign or hosting an event. They can send invitations to their followers to attend a web conference for any product launch or promotional event. This is actually a creative way for businesses to reach out to their fan base or groups. A live online video meeting allows participants to see their facial expressions and body language, resulting in a more personal approach. Video conferencing is also a great way to connect with business partners, suppliers and colleagues in different offices and even abroad. It is also useful for companies that want to outsource employees from other countries and conduct interviews and web meetings. It’s a FREE resource any business can use to grow and grow their follower network, secure business opportunities, and outsource services overseas, all on the same social media platform.

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With the convergence of Skype and Facebook, we can only expect more revolutionary changes in social media in the future that will only give businesses wings to take their online presence to a whole new level.