Free CRM Software – Let’s Check Out Two Free CRM Solutions?

Terms like CRM software may sound overpriced, making small businesses shy about straying from their one-handed approach to customer management. However, facts show that several impressive free CRM software solutions are emerging in the market. Like most free versions of a solution, these solutions are developed with the goal of convincing you of their more feature-rich commercial versions. However, you might want to make the most of this win-win situation because even the free versions have the basic features to manage the operations of a small online business, consultant, or entrepreneur.

Let’s look at two free CRM solutions, FreeCRM by CRM ASP and EssentialPIM by EPim Ltd. According to CRM-News, FreeCRM is a popular solution that can be used as a hosted or online solution. If you don’t have a huge storage requirement and can stand their aggressive advertising, you can opt for this free version, or at least try it. Later, when you grow to huge databases, you can opt for the paid professional version.

The professional version of FreeCRM is also attractive in that it is one of the most economical solutions on the market. It’s also web-based, meaning you don’t need to invest in expensive infrastructure to deploy or test your CRM solution. Since it is a hosted CRM, third parties can easily access the system if you want to get more visitors to your website. The free version of the CRM software allows access to more than one operator. To get this software, visit their website, register and you are on your way to a multi-user CRM experience.

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Integration with this software is easy and allows you to transfer data from any POP3 email account like Outlook to FreeCRM. You can do this by mapping their fields, and for further customization you can define new fields to store additional information. If you rely on the internet for your marketing strategies, you can use the FreeCRM campaign features for your learning and benefit. FreeCRM is an effective solution that enables email marketing, call automation and tracking, and group scheduling and management. In addition, FreeCRM is well-designed with an attractive interface and scalable.

EssentialPIM was developed by a company that develops office and home planning software. This free CRM software is basically an appointment scheduling solution that can also be used as a contact manager and outliner. Its scheduler allows you to plan, track, update and set priorities and attributes of tasks. You can import data from e-mail programs such as Outlook and Express. It supports features like to-do lists and quick rescheduling.

The contact manager supports advanced search and sorting capabilities, integration with CSV formats and Microsoft address book, and custom views for preferred viewing. The Outline feature allows you to add any number of folders and notes in a hierarchical tree structure. You can insert images and tables, perform searches, import emails, and add hyperlinks to unlimited documents.