Email archiving software can prevent many risks for your business

If you have a small business, medium-sized business, educational or government institution, take precautions to protect the security of your business.

Failure to address avoidable threats to your organization’s security can result in lost revenue or customers, litigation, or any number of problems. Many companies try to save money and neglect to purchase secure email archiving software, only to realize their mistake too late.

Good business email software offers a filtering feature that blocks potential threats such as viruses, spam, and malicious content. It can also detect and quarantine unsafe attachments or prevent them from entering your server or database. Get a program with reliable filtering and low false positive ratings. This gives you security and reduces many risks.

There are email services on the web for small to medium sized businesses that offer a trial period, which is usually a free one month service, to see if they have what you need. Take advantage of a trial so you don’t have to immediately spend money on software you haven’t tried. Find out which features offer the best benefits and eliminate your worries about security threats in your email.

Some business owners ignore the importance of an anti-spam service. They should see how much time their employees could save if their e-mail program could filter unwanted material. Many business owners have complained about unwanted email and content for years, and some spam blocker manufacturers have responded. Today’s email apps are more advanced and sophisticated. They have special features that block more spam and viruses before the threats reach the end user.

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Businesses that skimp sometimes overlook the risk of not having real-time protection. If a virus or worm infects, corrupts, deletes, or renders a customer’s file unusable, your business could end up in a lawsuit. Malware and spyware can also expose your contacts and confidential files to thieves. If you have secure email archiving software with antivirus capabilities, you can protect files and contacts from being stolen and destroyed.

Also think about the content leaving your mail server. If your server has been infected by a virus or malicious content, it can distribute spam content to other computers connected to the Internet. It’s just as risky because recipients can sue your company if they suspect the virus came from your server, which is easy to prove. Your company could lose business as it can affect your reputation.

Avoid security issues with your email server. Protect your intellectual property. Some email filtering and scanning services have email archiving software that protects your files and content. It scans for keywords, symbols, and phrases and flags or quarantines the files it contains, preventing intellectual property theft inside or outside your organization. Look for a secure email filtering service that offers the best features to protect your business from viruses, spam, file theft, malware and spyware. A good email security service provides peace of mind, reduces the likelihood of legal liability, and combats other threats to your business.