Data Disaster Recovery Plans – Create one

Every single one of us who uses a computer for fun or for work was confronted one day with turning on our computer and realizing that it just wasn’t working. You immediately turn it off and try restarting it and are greeted with a blank screen and instant panic. If you lost everything stored on your PC, how big would that loss be?

Then think how much more terrible that loss would be if it included every single bit of data stored on a network of business computers. Could your business survive such a loss and still continue to operate normally? The answer is of course a resounding “no”. No business could survive the total loss of data and the resulting confusion and chaos that would ensue if the data were not placed in a secure off-site storage facility for easy retrieval.

If you’re a business, even a small to medium sized business, and haven’t considered or given serious thought to a data disaster and planned a recovery from that data loss in advance, the fact is your business is a time bomb that is waiting to explode. A single spilled soft drink or a violent thunderstorm can be enough to leave you without the data your business needs to survive.

Every business needs to create a data disaster recovery plan that can be used in the event of a disaster of any magnitude. Keep in mind that a disaster doesn’t necessarily mean a storm or events like a fire, it can simply be a lone hacker breaking into your system and corrupting the information stored there. You and your business need a data disaster recovery plan that will help you cope and stay open with minimal downtime to your business.

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Creating a data disaster recovery plan

Creating a workable data disaster recovery plan means planning for more than a hurricane or thunderstorm. It means planning every conceivable way that you could lose data and then working to prevent it. Secure off-site data storage and an easy retrieval schedule are a necessity if you’re doing business. After you have created the disaster recovery plan for your business and data, make sure that each employee or worker has a copy of that plan, clearly states what the plan entails, and has a copy of that disaster recovery plan -Plans -site along with the data you are trying to protect.