Custom Email Dispatch for Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics GP – SQL Mail

For Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP you can deploy the Business Portal and the BP Module – Electronic Document Delivery, however it is not available for the GP Business Ready product line where you have to opt for a custom solution. In this small article we recommend you to use MS SQL 2005 Mail: xp_sendmail Extended Stored Procedure. Another requirement is to use Adobe PDF Writer (version doesn’t matter, whatever is compatible with Windows XP and Vista will do the job):

1. SQL Mail setup. The easiest way to set up SQL Mail is to start the SQL Server service under the Windows domain account. Then install the MS Office Outlook client on the server (MAPI application) and make it work for Windows domain login – practically sending and receiving emails. To make sure you’re done with the SQL email setup, open the MS SQL Server query and try sending a sample email: xp_sendmail ‘’, ‘test’ ;

2. Email attachment problem and workaround. Well, if you try to use a non-SA user to call xp_sendmail with attachment, like so: xp_sendmail ‘’, ‘Test’, @attachments=’C:\invoice.pdf’ – you receive an error message recommending using an impersonated Windows account to work with attachments. Seems like SQL 2005 has some internal problems with SQL login impersonation and at this time (December 2007) the simple set doesn’t work. Workaround is the following: create a sql job that runs under an account and calls xp_sendmail, schedule this job to run say every 10 minutes and it checks all documents so they can be emailed Your customers can be sent attachments

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3. Adobe PDF Writer. Microsoft Dynamics GP requires you to use Adobe PDF Writer to save documents such as SOP invoices and sales orders to the file. You could try using free third party PDF printing solutions like Cute PDF, but this approach doesn’t work with current and historical versions of Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics GP: 6.0, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0

4. Great Plains ReportWriter Forms: SOP Blank, Long and Short forms. If you would like to place your company logo here, please refer to the Microsoft Dynamics GP guidelines for your logo graphic format to ensure it prints smoothly and professionally. If you need several different logos on your invoice form, consider using blank, short and long SQP invoice forms to get the job done – actually you could do all three of these forms the same, just with different logos

5. Alternatives to SQL Mail. You can consider the Windows utility Sendmail or Telnet. Both tend to rely on Linux and Unix features and capabilities, so the technical discussion is out of the question for this tiny article.