Common internet marketing mistakes can ruin your business

One of the most interesting salespeople I’ve ever spoken to was this network marketing and direct selling master named Glenn Turner.

Not necessarily because he gave a lot of good advice on sales, ethics, and dealing with people (he’s a real pro at these things), but because one thing he said probably meant me, my family, and my internet marketing will save business from enduring much heartache later.

In fact, this secret he shared with me is something I believe every single internet marketer should take to heart and consider from now on.

And that means not messing around when it comes to refunding people’s money.

Even when you know you’re right and you haven’t lived up to your end of the bargain, and even when you know you’re following the law to the letter.


Because you just never know who you’re dealing with.

Especially if you’re selling to people on the internet.

For example, Glenn told me how one of his business opportunity companies he had in 1967 was accused of being a “lottery” and shut down.

Now Glenn was doing everything by the book and legally he was in control.

But what happened is that a couple of people got into his business and it didn’t work for them and they wanted their money back even though they weren’t entitled to a refund and Glenn hadn’t done anything wrong.

And so he did what most people would do and didn’t give it back to them.

The only problem was that these two guys were both attorney generals, so it wasn’t difficult for them to use their influence and power to silence Glenn.

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The point of the story?

You never know who you’re selling to.

That obnoxious guy with the “Hotmail” email address and fake name demanding his money back could be connected in ways that could have a very negative impact on you, your business, and your life.

And so now I almost always give refunds. Even though I know I’m right.

Yes, there are exceptions to this (I’m by no means a pushover), but for the most part I believe in quick and instant refunds.

Not only does it build a good image for you as a trustworthy, honest person, but it can save you a lot of heartache later when someone really wants to take their anger out on you by trying to sue you or report you to someone. alphabet” federal regulator.