Characteristics of a good computer program

A program can be described as a set of instructions that help carry out things. In order for a computer to perform certain required tasks, it needs an appropriate program. When the computer is fed correct instructions, most of the time its performance is optimal, while the opposite is likely to mess things up.

Today many companies need computers to run their business smoothly. Therefore, the computers should have programs that are user-friendly and easy to understand. A few things will tell if a program is good enough.

Is it legible

If the program is in a written form that makes it easy for a user to understand and follow the logic, then it can be considered good. It should also have a systematic arrangement that makes it easier to troubleshoot the computer when something goes wrong.


Your program should save you time. Processing instructions takes time and certainly consumes some memory. Good programming is one that gets by with less computing time and little memory. This proves to be efficient as you realize less waste.


A good program should be able to support different platforms without having to make major coding and software changes. It is now a common phenomenon to see various platform changes.

Therefore, if the user decides to switch operating systems, the presence of a portable program will not be affected. When good computer programming is done, your system is able to handle changes that occur for many reasons such as: B. a change of management occur.

It should only have simple codes that allow for various modifications that are required over time.

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right structure

For a program to be developed, the main tasks required to run the various systems should be broken down. A developer can also develop them independently to accomplish the task assigned to them without having to rely on other subtasks.

Proper documentation

Every program must have good documentation, especially if the author is not around long. This is so that the other person handling it can easily understand it.

Many people make computer programming their profession. These are the best people to get good programs from. Having a reliable source for the program gives you the peace of mind that the provider will be there should any concerns arise. Having such a specialist in your company, especially in the IT department, ensures that your systems are running efficiently.