CAD software

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Computer-Aided Design or CAD meets the design needs for quick revisions and accurate geometry, making the design process very easy. First used to design and manufacture aircraft, CAD has now evolved to meet the needs of all types of designers in any design field and provide user-friendly interfaces.

Types of CAD software:

Software developers have benefited tremendously from the development of various CAD software. Various CAD programs offer two-dimensional designs, and they also offer three-dimensional designs. CAD has enabled two people in two remote places in the world to design and create new products using CAD software and the Internet. Artists, mechanical, electronic and civil engineers, architects and interior designers all use CAD software to support their design process.

Designers have two types of CAD software to choose from: either existing 2D CAD software or more advanced 3D CAD software. Some applications are inherently 2-D based. AutoCAD, Cadkey, CADDS 5, Medusa and CATIA v4 are examples of 2D CAD software.

Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics NX, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor, CoCreate Solid Designer, and VX CAD are popular 3D CAD software.

3D views are not very clear and difficult to visualize in 2D based CAD software. Therefore, designers sometimes used a physically reduced model of the product to make corrections and changes if necessary. This is not the case with 3D CAD software, where a clear view of the product can be obtained, aiding and speeding up the design process. Making changes and corrections with 3D CAD software is easy because the design is corrected automatically, while as in 2D software, the drawing may need to be recreated after changes or corrections are made. 3D CAD software makes it easy to spot errors, dimensional inaccuracies, interference, etc. This saves you time, energy and money. Products designed with 3D CAD software are reliable, accurate, and well-designed. The time it takes to design and complete designs is significantly reduced when companies use 3D CAD software. Some software, such as SolidWorks Collaboration Edition, 3D TeamWorks, is designed to help multiple people in different locations work on a design through secure connections. Only a web browser and an internet connection are required to review and finalize designs in real time.

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It is important for companies to analyze whether they really need to switch to 3D CAD software as it can be a costly and time-consuming process. As companies decide to upgrade to 3D CAD software, it is imperative to train staff or hire new qualified and experienced staff as it can take time to train existing staff. However, it must be recognized that the design industry has been helped immensely through the use of CAD software.