Build an employee-friendly online project management office with web project management software

Many companies rely on project management offices to centralize management activities. Just as businesses need to change some of their processes and workflows to accommodate web working, offices need to be put ahead of these changes in order to manage business projects to successfully meet project goals and objectives.

Let’s discuss a few points when trying to build an employee-friendly online project management office to organize and manage geographically dispersed employees, clients, and partners:

Securely share project data online. Sharing project data has been a constant concern in project management tools; It becomes more important as teams move beyond the confines of office compartments. The office needs to become a refined communicator of project status data (including schedules, tasks, milestones, and client requirements) and the team at all levels of the project, from “employee bee” to senior stakeholder. The goal is for the information to be clear, logical and understandable for everyone, meaning that views of project data cannot always be shared using just a Gantt chart.

Move communications outside of the email inbox. It has proven to be a key feature for online collaboration software. While email is a common and most used form of communication, it’s not a viable repository for project documents. Even if you can’t convince your team to use online collaboration tools, encourage them to store documents online in one centralized location. Email notification or threaded reply are the best examples of integrating email functionality into project management software.

Implement new project management tools. Microsoft Office and spreadsheets are common project system tools, but are more affordable for project teams working in one umbrella or compartment. The Internet is the future of online project delivery tools – online project services are all examples of web-based tools that are sensible, powerful, easy to use and help promote team collaboration.

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Reorganize meetings. Meetings are always unfavorable to the output and are suggested to indicate that meetings need to be changed in form, priority, format and technology. Online project collaboration software offers a better alternative to time and budget consuming meetings like online chats for real-time meetings as well as the tools to record those meetings for future reference.

As Office entered a new age of online web work, the old method has given way to new tools, processes and working styles to ensure team success and on-time project delivery.

Remember that culture, not technology, drives online collaboration and web project management software has the power to ensure geographically dispersed project teams have the framework, leadership, and tools they need in a global work environment

What are your tips for building a webworker-friendly project management office? Share them below.