Break the shackles of manual workforce management with an automated employee time tracking system

Have there been instances where you felt constrained by manually tracking and managing your employees’ time and attendance? Don’t fret; you are not alone. Many business owners have gone down the manual time tracking route only to find that it results in ineffective and inaccurate management of their most valuable asset, their human resources. The good news is that there is still time to break free from the shackles of manual time management. With an automated employee time tracking system, you can use your human resources much more efficiently.

What are the shortcomings of manual time tracking?

Manually managing your employees’ time can be challenging, time-consuming and expensive, especially when it comes to time tracking and reporting. Let’s tackle the tracking part first. Whether it’s paper timesheets or mechanical time clocks, there’s no denying that there’s no 100% certainty that the times your employees are reporting are accurate. When using paper timesheets, employees can round up their actual hours as they see fit. Slowness and under-performing are becoming standard practice in the workplace, and there is simply nothing hiring managers and employers can do about it.

Automated time and attendance software systems, on the other hand, are able to track the time and attendance of your employees as accurately as possible thanks to features like biometric technology. When your employees use unique characteristics like their fingerprints or face, there is less chance of inaccurate data or fraudulent time claims. As a result, employees become more responsible and productive. Most importantly, your business will stop losing revenue caused by time theft and become more profitable.

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When we examine the management side of your employee time tracking, manual methods are once again found to be inadequate and ineffective. First, you have to manually check which employees are present and when they checked in. And if an employee assigned to an important task is unforeseen absent, you have no other way of noticing than to do this point to check it yourself.

A cloud-based automated employee time tracking system can create real-time alerts when an employee is late or absent. This allows you to assign mission-critical tasks to available employees when the original recipient of the task is absent without notice. In addition, you will be able to carry out better duty roster planning and employee deployment planning. Time tracking software also gives you instant access to information about unpaid vacation, sick leave, and other important employee time data.