Bill of Lading – Custom Reporting for Microsoft Great Plains – Overview for Consultants

Bill of Lading is a required report for logistic and trucking companies. If you look at any trucking software that aims to automate the transportation business, there should be a Bill of Lading with several custom forms. However, if you need the extension to the standard ERP/Accounting application, you may be looking at the option to customize the system. Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains could be viewed as an ERP platform ready to be customized. Let us give you individualization highlights.

o Order Processing – SOP is the module where you create sales orders and transfer them to invoice upon completion, fulfillment or allocation. Therefore, the bill of lading should of course be created in SOP. Another nice feature in SOP is the support of multiple currencies (dollar, euro, yen, yuan, peso) so that a bill of lading report can be generated for international shipping

o MBL/HBL – House Bill of Lading may contain multiple Master Bills of Lading associated with delivery to a particular customer. Microsoft Great Plains will, of course, allocate the invoice to a single customer. Because of this, the House Bill of Lading should be an easy Great Plains Dexterity adjustment, where you combine multiple shipments in one container (HBL). The simplified solution is to only use custom fields for HBL and MBL.

o Freight/Shipment Request – You may also need to see the gain/loss on the shipment/HBL. This window should contain all HBL linked customer and vendor invoices with drill down to original documents. This can be done as a Dexterity, C#/VB.Net application, publishing of SOP tables (SOP30200, SOP30300) or just as a report

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o Technologies. Microsoft Great Plains Dexterity is the Great Plains programming language and development environment. Great Plains Software has Great Plains Dynamics/Dynamics C/S+/eEnterprise and currently Microsoft Great Plains product lines developed in Great Plains Dexterity. ReportWriter – This tool allows you to modify an existing pick slip, packing list or invoice form to create bills of lading. ReportWriter has some limitations: To place fields from your custom tables or from third-party modules in ReportWriter reports, you need a slight dexterity adjustment (rw_* functions). VBA/Modifier allows you to modify Great Plains forms and attach VBA scripts to buttons. Crystal Reports – Crystal Reports Designer allows you to create the report with maximum complexity, including the report that pulls information from heterogeneous databases (as if part of your bill of lading information was stored in Oracle, DB2 custom database).

Good luck with the implementation, customization and integration, and if you have any issues or concerns – we’re here to help! If you want us to do the work, give us a call at 866-528-0577 or 630-961-5918!