Benefits of Email Encryption

The most popular use of the Internet remains email. Providers now have complicated additions like attachments and spam blockers, but the point of email remains the same – instant correspondence. From connecting with friends and family on the other side of the world to delivering information to bulk recipients, Internet users continue to find purpose in electronic mail. As Internet addiction increases, so does the type of information people include in their emails.

The technological age has created new types of criminals who engage in destructive activities. Whether you’re a key member of an intelligence group or a civilian, email encryption can come in handy to protect the information that the recipient alone should see.

How does email encryption work?

Depending on the type of encryption you purchase, the process differs, but the goal is the same. Encryption protects the actual message in your email, while allowing the intended recipient to know how to decrypt it to reveal the sensitive data.

Most email encryption is asymmetric, where the sender uses software to encrypt an email and sends the message to the recipient, who knows how to decrypt the email. Another method is to install email encryption software. For this to work, the same program should be installed on the receiving unit.

Why should you encrypt your emails?

For companies in competitive areas, the benefit of encryption is more pronounced. This prevents competitors from intercepting information that they can use for corporate espionage. You can protect sensitive data, from employee names to expansion plans.

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Encryption is also required for private individuals. Basic personal information such as your home address or private cell phone number should be kept secret. Identity thieves can use your financial information, such as credit card information, social security numbers, and insurance details.

People who send private messages, videos, and photos also benefit from email encryption. This is particularly important for public figures such as politicians who need to separate work and private life. Many careers have been ruined by publicized private emails.

What should you look for in a security company?

There are companies that are now responding to the demand for secure email exchanges. Security companies are now expanding their offerings to include document destruction and email archiving solutions. If you’re thinking of hiring a company for extra security, there are qualities to look out for.

Being at the forefront of technology is an important aspect. You should always stay a few steps ahead of IT criminals who are constantly improving their own technology. A company that employs professionals with a background in intelligence and security is an advantage.

Similarly, find a company that offers more than basic email protection. Some companies have spam blockers or provide additional security in other aspects such as physical security through alarm systems. When it comes to backing up electronic or physical data, whatever the cost, choose only the best.