Application Monitoring Software – Essential for applications with critical and sensitive data

To say that application monitoring software is necessary for online business success would be an understatement. The fact is: Monitoring tools are absolutely indispensable.

Monitoring tools track the health and performance of business applications, identifying and fixing key issues before they cause problems.

Today, networks and SaaS applications have become critical parts of entrepreneurship, regardless of whether the company is big or small.

When networks and applications go down, it’s catastrophic. Employees and customers cannot communicate with each other or access business-critical services. In short, there is lost productivity and the resulting lost revenue.

To prevent a disaster, you need network monitoring software that reduces network outages and enables businesses to run effortlessly and smoothly through proactive infrastructure intelligence.

A cloud-hosted or SaaS-based monitoring solution gives businesses an extra layer of protection in the event of a network outage; If their internal network goes down, monitoring is still available for all other critical applications, private clouds, websites and devices that exist outside of their local network.

The critical network elements that need to be monitored are:

email server

Many companies rely on an internal email server that distributes email to all LAN users. Email server failure creates a severe disconnect between users and customers, resulting in the disruption of all business operations. What is important is that the customer support has a great success. As a result, IT managers need to monitor their email availability 24/7.

WAN connections

The interconnectedness of the vast territory has presented companies with a unique opportunity to add value, both in terms of operational efficiency and business alignment. Today, Unified Application (UC) and WAN optimization offer the same type of application experience and management tools that were once only available over the LAN.

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As business operations have grown nationally and globally over the years, so has the demand for WAN connectivity.

Monitoring WAN connections is essential to ensure continuous availability, fast response times and minimal transmission errors.

business applications

Small businesses run multiple mission-critical applications, websites, and databases that need to be closely monitored. Applications must be monitored for availability and response times, and URLs for availability.

The current market offers both free and paid monitoring tools. Businesses in general have found that paid monitoring tools offer a full umbrella of protection services, ensuring maximum security and safety.

VMware monitoring tools provide virtual infrastructure analysis and 24×7 real-time monitoring.

However, any application monitoring software must offer a high level of customization to meet all business needs.