A complete overview of Odoo 15’s new manufacturing module

Accounting is one of the most important and important aspects of any business. Proper accounting can have a direct impact on company profits and reduce losses. Managing a company’s accounting tasks is not that easy, especially when done manually. Manual accounting management can actually increase the risk of error and adversely affect company revenue and overall business performance. Now here comes the role of an ERP to manage accounts. And in this case, Odoo ERP proves to be the best ERP solution for accounting.

The latest version of Odoo, Odoo 15, has a separate, new and improved accounting module to automate and efficiently manage the accounting calculations, making them faster and easier, reducing the risk of errors and data redundancy.

Here are the features of the Odoo 15 accounting module described by an expert in Odoo in Australia.

Dynamic accounting management:

Odoo version 15 accounting module helps in clean and dynamic accounting management. The dashboard of this module is equipped with simpler and advanced accounting management functions. The dashboard guides users through billing procedures and offers grouping and filtering options. With this feature, you can manage the tax returns and even configure the accounting periods. You can also record opening balances and set up charts of accounts. Taking into account the reviews of accounting charts, you can also set the standard taxes for sales and purchase transactions. In simple words, you can say that this well-organized dashboard provides access to most accounting operations.

Easy integration with the other modules:

You may also need other data from the other modules to manage the accounting tasks. And this new accounting module of Odoo 15 allows easy and fast integration with the other modules.

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Management of customer accounting:

The Customers tab of this accounting module allows you to efficiently manage your customers’ invoices, payments, credit notes, batch payments, direct debits, follow-up reports, products and customers. The customer list can also be updated and new customers can be added to the list as well. The follow-up reports of customers and invoices can be easily run.

Accounts Payable Management:

The financial tasks and accounting operations related to supplier accounting can also be easily managed through this new and advanced Odoo 15 accounting module. Supplier invoices can now be generated automatically depending on the products delivered and ordered from and to the suppliers. If you want to exchange goods, you can also select the refund options and request a refund of the amount. This accounting module of Odoo 15 also makes it easy to make payments and track their status. You can also update the supplier list.

Dynamic financial reports:

The Accounting tab of this new module also allows users to view various financial reports. General ledger and journal entries related to sales, purchases, cash payments, back payments, etc. can be easily viewed and checked with it. You can also create automatic transfer transactions and view previously made automatic transfers. You can even create multiple budgets and regularly review and track the budgets. Management of accrued income and expenses can also be done through Odoo 15’s accounting module.

In summary, Odoo version 15 accounting module can be considered as the perfect and comprehensive solution for the digitization of accounting processes. With the advanced features of this ERP module, managing your business accounts becomes a breeze.