5 signs your e-commerce needs Odoo ERP

With increasing customer demands, increasing number of online customers and increasing sales volumes, managing them becomes more difficult along with managing huge customer orders, managing customer data, finance, accounting tasks, inventory, almost everything. And this is where the role of an all-in-one integrated ecommerce ERP system like Odoo comes in. As shared by a professional Odoo in Australia, the integration of this software into an e-commerce store can ensure easy data flow, one-time data entry, reduced data redundancy, easier, faster and efficient management of large volumes of sales, customers, financial calculations and orders. In other words, when it comes to eCommerce business management, investing in Odoo ERP can result in better merchandising, increase in conversion rates, improved customer experience, better branding, faster and seamless management of sales, orders and all contribute to other areas of the company, thereby ensuring faster growth of the company.

But the point is how to understand that your ecommerce store needs Odoo ERP. Here are the top signs your business needs ERP now.

You need to log into several systems to update your customer data, orders and sales data:

Even if you’re selling through a single channel, you may find that you’re still signing into multiple software systems, e.g. B. for shipping and order fulfillment in point of sale or ecommerce admin panel to manage and update accounts and other financial reports you may have to use separate accounting software you need for that Marketing and managing customers may be a separate marketing platform or system and so on. Now when you log into and use so many different systems, it can lead to various problems such as: Instead, a smarter and cheaper idea is to simplify things by consolidating all these tasks into a single ERP software like Odoo that can manage them all.

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Your customers see inventory errors:

No matter how many channels you sell your products through, when your online customers see inventory errors, it’s extremely important to sort them out as soon as possible. According to recent research, more than 77 percent of customer reviews relate to the issues they faced after clicking the buy option, which also resulted in almost 33 percent of lost sales. Implementing the perfect eCommerce ERP, namely Odoo, allows you to easily track inventory in different locations, quickly scan barcodes during picking, automate the flow of all orders from customers to warehouses and the overall customer experience drastically improve throughout the buying process.

Your customers are chasing their orders:

If you are struggling to update your online customers in a timely manner, they will definitely haunt you. As your e-commerce business expands, so will your sales and order volume, and your customer base. Although your e-shop may handle basic day-to-day communications such as order confirmations, shipping notices, etc., the real value of an e-commerce store lies in the ability to track the orders and provide real-time customer updates. Whatever the problem, your customers should know about it. An eCommerce ERP like Odoo helps you to track any such situation easily and provides features and functionalities that can help you to send or update the status of the orders to the respective customers in bulk quickly.

Your handling costs for all orders skyrocket:

A key ecommerce process to track is the per-order processing cost, which determines how much it costs you to get each order out the door. And if it costs you a lot more just to ship the order than the revenue it generates, it can simply result in a big loss. However, an effective way to reduce processing costs is to integrate Odoo ERP.

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You still calculate your finances and accounts manually:

As sales and customers grow, your finance and accounting tasks become unmanageable and difficult to handle manually. Also, manually handling these sensitive calculations can lead to errors that can lead to serious problems later. If your eCommerce store is facing such problems, then it is better to integrate Odoo into your system which comes with separate accounting and finance software to automate and execute all those huge and difficult calculations easily and error-free.

These were the top signs that it’s time to integrate Odoo into your ecommerce store. Odoo ERP integration can ensure that you automate all your business processes, streamline your workflow and help you manage your tedious business tasks like sales, orders, purchases, customers, inventory, etc. in an efficient and cost-effective way.