5 Crucial Steps to Building an Automated Vending Machine

Automating your sales process is an important step in developing a solid marketing system. You might find the hassle daunting at first, but once you set it up, you won’t regret it.

You may be thinking about cutting your marketing budget during these tough times – you may see the extra cost as a financial drain. I know that many of my Yellow Pages advertisers tend to be cutting their budgets right now. What usually happens when a company reduces its marketing budget without making strategic adjustments is lost revenue. There’s a way to increase your results while also scaling your budget during bad times. Let me show you 5 steps to create an automatic vending machine.

Optimize your website for lead generation.

Most business owners don’t really know why they have a website. They just know they must have one. I suggest you turn your website into a lead generator. You don’t need to change your website to do this, just create a series of sales pages or squeeze pages that offer your potential customers and get their important information for further marketing purposes. Make sure you use a free offer to attract qualified prospects.

Set up a toll-free number for prospects to receive your free information.

The internet is great, but not everyone is going to go to the web for a great multimedia sales presentation. Make sure you offer an audio version of your online sales presentation for phone access. Many people still prefer to call a number to get information that is vital to them. At the end of your sales message, you can direct the listener to your sales page for more information online.

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The all important internet sales presentation.

You should break up your presentation into accurate market demographics. If you serve a local area and offer five different products or services; Divide your message into five parts. Create a sales letter for each service and pair it with keywords that your prospects would most likely use when searching for you online.

Use the Yellow Pages strategically.

If you think your Yellow Pages ads’ ROI is diminishing due to rising costs and falling sales, here’s a possible solution. Now that you have a number of sales sites online and a toll-free number for phone presentations, let’s direct prospects to those places with small targeted ads in the Yellow Pages. Your ads are placed in headlines targeting specific products or services that your potential customers are searching for. Your “small business card” sized ad makes an offer and directs your potential customers to your toll-free number and online sales sites. By creating these classified ads and running them in your local newspaper as well, you get more bang for your buck with better results.

Get more leads for less with pay-per-click ads.

The most important among your advertising tools is the pay-per-click advertising model. With PPC, you want to establish a system similar to the one you developed for your “Business Cards” advertising program in the Yellow Pages. Let the ads direct your prospects to your sales page, not your home page. They want these email addresses.

Get an organized system for working with your leads.

Now that you have your leads organized, let’s set up your auto-responder and prospect management system. If you’ve ever signed up for an e-book or free online report, you’ve received regular emails from someone letting you know what they’re doing in their space and what new products or services are currently available. They no doubt entered your name and email address into their automated contact program. Each email is automatically sent to their list and personalized to increase response rates. Set up your autoresponder system and connect it to your sales pages. You can add your current customers to a separate automated contact system for follow-ups.

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Integrate your marketing system into your regular business routine.

Tie the thing together to make your marketing messages consistent. Make sure your messages match the search terms your prospects will be searching for in the Yellow Pages and online. Include these keywords and phrases in your ad copy and in your headlines.

The key to marketing your business is driving a constant stream of leads through your sales funnel. You can then use your sales system to convert a predictable percentage of those leads into sales. Automating your lead process allows you to focus on maximizing revenue. Automating the sales process allows you to reduce costs and focus on the customer. If you need more information about sales automation, visit my website.